Monday, April 27, 2015
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Ray Guillory – Working for Esacmbia County’s working class.



Ray grew up here, in Warrington, and knows first hand the problems facing his community and  many others like it. He attended Warrington Elementary, Escambia High, P.H.S. and P.J.C. Ray will work to improve education and make Escambia the best in the State of Florida.

Ray and his wife Brandy, have two beautiful daughters.  Arizona Guillory and Charlotte Bass mean the world to him. They all live in the same home where Ray grew up in Warrington. They are his motivation for much of what he hopes to accomplish in Escambia County. Ray wants opportunity here at home for his children and yours too. Ray wants to rebuild Escambia County and its working class neighborhoods. He wants to refocus the county’s economic development efforts on good paying jobs that will build a better future for the next  generation. Ray’s political experiences include:

  • Democratic Candidate for Escambia County Commissioner Dist. 2 2014
  • Candidate in the Florida House District 6 Democratic primary in 2006.
  • A Canvassing Coordinator for the Lumon May for Florida House District 3 campaign in 2008.
  • Escambia County Democratic Executive Committee Member.
  • Involved in local environmental planning groups.
  • Active in homeless outreach programs.
For More Information About My Agenda and My Goals For Escambia County  – Please Feel Free To Contact Me

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