Thursday, April 24, 2014
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  • Casinos Escambia County.

    Casinos Escambia County.

    It seems again that our local leaders are wasting time and resources going after pennies, and lettin...

  • Tone is Important.

    Tone is Important.

    Watch these videos of our county officials and you will not be able to say we do not need change. A ...

  • An Apology. Escambia County

    An Apology. Escambia County

    We have children. we try to teach them the proper way to behave. The actions of our local government...

  • Imagination, Innovation

    Imagination, Innovation

    Imagination. Innovation. That is what this campaign is all about. A new and better way to do things....

  • Ray Guilllory Pre-files for District 2 Commission Seat

    Ray Guilllory Pre-files for District 2 Commission Seat

    Ray Guillory, a Democrat and former candidate for the state House, pre-filed today for the 2014 elec...

  • On the web

    On the web

  • Yard Signs

    Yard Signs

    Vote for a better way, Vote for RAY.    Help Our Campaign Buy Yard Signs.   ...



    Vote for a better way, Vote for RAY. We need volunteers. We need dedicated fellow citizens to take t...

Ray Guillory For Escambia County Commissioner Dist 2

Raymond Guillory Democrat for Escambia County Commissioner

What makes Raymond Guillory qualified?

It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or Republican, We know we have gotten the rotten end of government wheeling and dealing for far too long in Escambia County . We should expect and receive more from OUR Escambia County Commissioner and our Government. We give a lot and get too little. The system needs to be streamlined. The endless waste of money and resources has to stop. People need jobs. People need an education. We all need safer streets. What makes Raymond Guillory qualified?

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